Brag about your victory;
Boss your friends for their loss!

Lead Designer / Prototyper

Disclaimer – If you download the app today, the branding and some details are different. I was convinced that the branding needed to be more impactful to fit the bossing/bragging's spirit of the app. A different branding hit the app store, I reworked these for this case-study to express my point of view.


Facebook approached Onefootball end of Jan. 2015 to take part in the Messenger platform launching partners. The requirement was to develop a stand-alone application sharing user generated content. We settled on a concept after some brainstormings and white boarding sessions. User could create a meme and attach this one to a match.

Left: Early wireframe / Right: White boarding session

Interactive prototype we sent to Facebook to validate the concept


After a few internal user-testings we decided to integrate match events (goals, cards,...). We decided to rework the UI to match the new app structure. While the UI & UX wasn’t perfect, the deadline set by Facebook was approaching fast and it was time to begin the development of the app.

"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” – Reid Hoffman

Working on the iconography and the user flow
UI of the stand-alone app


Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the Messenger platform during F8 and we were part of the 40 partners included in the launch. We couldn’t wait to see how users will use the app and how we could learn from this internal side-project. The app got a little bit of traction and was welcomed by football fans.

David Marcus unveiling the 40 partners included in the Messenger Platform release
Left: Tackl used in a group conversation / Right: Tackl in the Messenger Store


After seeing the growth and usage of the stand-alone app, we decided to look how we could integrate this experience into Onefootball. We did a lot of explorations and optimizations with A/B testing to refine the experience, and execute on what we believe is a new way to share a match.

Latest prototype to define transitions/animations and to discuss the implementation with our engineer's teams

Explorations of different entry points used during an A/B testing
Integration used to validate the implementation into our core product
Final implementation with our custom sharing panel


This project has been a long journey but also a great learning experience for the whole team. What started as a simple request from Facebook ended up being an exciting sharing experience we are looking forward releasing.


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